Sunday, February 23, 2014

Curitiba: The Things I Saw

Curitiba is known as Brazil's 'sustainable' city. But from speaking with locals during the rainy, whirlwind of a two days I spent there en route from Florianopolis to Sao Paulo, I couldn't quite gather why. Curitiba looks like a pretty normal Brazilian city, albeit a bit gloomy and run-down. Supposedly there are some nice parks. Probably best enjoyed on a sunny day, though.

Anyway, despite the rain, I spent my first morning in Curitiba doing exactly what I usually do upon arriving in a new place. I wandered the streets, by myself, for hours.

The front of Curitiba Backpackers Hostel

Here are a few of the things I found:

1. A Capezio dance store

2. Several bookstores, which all turned out to be Christian bookstores and not regular ones

3. A large synagogue with a supposedly amazing swimming pool. Had I figured out how to enter the fortress and ascend the kilometer-long driveway, I doubtlessly would have taken advantage of this one. Apparently there's an interesting Holocaust museum inside as well.

4. The incredible municipal market... with a middle eastern stand selling zaatar and baklava!

At the bus terminal

View of the city from the bus

The semi-chaotic market

Lebanese snacks for the bus ride to Sao Paulo!